What is San Angelo, TX Known For?

what is san angelo tx known for

The West Texas town of San Angelo offers a gorgeous view, tons of activities, and plenty of famous landmarks, museums, and collections.

This community has a ton of talented people, many of which are happy to show you what San Angelo, TX is known for!

San Angelo, TX is famous for being an oasis along the Concho River. It’s also notable for Fort Concho, San Angelo State Park, and the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo. The International Waterlily Collection is another internationally recognized landmark that puts San Angelo on the map.

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Below, we’ll take a deeper look at the most notable things about San Angelo.

What is San Angelo TX Known For?

San Angelo, Texas is known for a variety of things, from the historic Fort Concho to the largest collection of waterlilies in the world.

You can stop by the largest stock show in Texas, check out some of the wonderful recreation available in the city, or stop by a critically-acclaimed art museum.

Fort Concho

620 S Oakes STSan Angelo, Texas 76903 | (325) 657-4444

Fort Concho was built along the Concho River in 1867. This military base was originally built to help protect settlements on the frontier, reduce raiding, and keep hostile threats at bay. It became an active military base not long after.

While it was active, a town sprang up around the base – that town became San Angelo.
In fact, Fort Concho allowed San Angelo to grow. Because of the Fort, traders and settlers came to San Angelo.

Various staff from the Fort became the town’s essential workers. Over half of Fort Concho’s residents were “buffalo soldiers”, which made their home at the fort from 1869 to 1885.

Fort Concho was abandoned in 1889, leading to a division of the properties.

However, settlers in the 1900s began preservation efforts for the buildings and materials found in the Fort. In 1929, the Fort Concho Museum was created.

Since then, efforts to restore and preserve the site have been ongoing.

In 1961, Fort Concho was named a National Historic Landmark. It’s one of San Angelo’s most accessible claims to fame, as it’s one of the best-preserved US Army installations from the period in Texas.

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International Waterlily Collection

2 South Park StreetSan Angelo, Texas 76901 | (832) 274-3377

The International Waterlily Collection at the Civic League Park in San Angelo is the largest, premier collection of waterlilies in the world. This collection has gained international attention for the variety and volume of his collection.

Ken Landon, the man behind it all, can only display a very small percentage of his waterlilies per year.

The total number of flowers on display is less than 1% of his collection. The result is a constantly-changing display where you can see vastly different flowers throughout the season.

It’s easy to see why the International Waterlily Collection is one of the things that draws attention to San Angelo every year. Stop by to see an ever-rotating collection of waterlilies.

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San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo

200 West 43rd StreetSan Angelo, TX 76903 | (325) 653-7785

For 90 years, the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo has been one of the largest livestock shows in the nation.

Throughout the years, the show has drawn considerable attention for the large facilities, events (which include standard rodeo events as well as crafting fairs), and talented entertainment.

In 1980, country star Reba McEntire performed at the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo. In the years leading up to this performance, several other popular artists performed at the show.

The City of San Angelo has worked to create a larger venue for the stock show and rodeo, as it brings in a lot of tourism and helps drive the town’s economy.

Today, you can visit to see yearly stock shows, rodeo competitions, and more.

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The Concho River and River Walk

The Concho River is beautiful. The fact that San Angelo thrives in a type of oasis is due to the Concho River.

Here, you’ll find a variety of recreational activities and opportunities to view the river and all of the life within it.

The Concho River itself is always beautiful, but the River Walk area downtown draws people from all over Texas.

This location features a host of gardens, water displays, art, exercise opportunities, and more. There is a sculpture garden if you want to get a taste of the local art. The installations there are breathtaking and well worth the walk.

There are tons of parks along the River Walk as well, each of which offers playgrounds, picnic tables, and more. Bring your lunch with you and have a picnic at the various scenic parks situated around the River Walk.

You can even fish in the Concho River with a permit. The community fishing area is one of 9 in the entire state. It’s stocked with native Texas species as well as rainbow trout.

If all of that isn’t enough for you, you can stop by the River Stage when the sun goes down. This area hosts local talent as well as legends such as Willie Nelson on occasion.

San Angelo State Park

362 S. FM 2288San Angelo, TX 76901 | (325) 949-4757

San Angelo’s outdoor recreation opportunities don’t stop at the River Walk. Located near the city, the San Angelo State Park hosts a variety of different outdoor activities, including fishing, boating, and more.

The O.C. Fisher Reservoir offers a great opportunity for fishing or boating. With just a daily fee, you can lower your boat into the water and fish to your heart’s content. There are also locations for paddle boating, swimming, and more.

But there’s more here than just water. There are tons of camping opportunities, including backpacking sites, primitive drive-up sites, and sites with water and electricity. You can even camp with your horses – some sites have pole tethers or pens.

If you’d rather stay in more forgiving accommodations, you can rent a log cabin or a bunkhouse for six with a restroom, kitchen, and living area included. While you’re there, you can explore the trails, including a Dinosaur Trail that you can take with your kids.

Overall, the state park offers full amenities for most outdoor activities, whether you prefer to camp, hike, or fish.

You can even stop by the bison and longhorn cattle paddocks to catch a glimpse at the majestic creatures. It’s the home of the Official Texas State Longhorn Herd, another claim to fame for San Angelo.

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San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

1 Love Street San Angelo, TX 76903 | (325) 653-3333

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts was created in 1981. At the time, the museum was located in one of the historic buildings at Fort Concho!

These galleries featured tons of exhibits, portraits from the National Portrait Gallery, and even entries in the Library of Congress.

While most fine art museums are beloved by their communities, few receive the National Award for Museum Service. In 2003, the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts received this award and has won several more from the state of Texas.

In 1999, the museum received a shiny new building with a roof like a covered wagon. Since it was founded, it’s hosted over 300 exhibits, and most of them have featured artists from the state of Texas.

The fine art museum showcases sculptures, paintings, and pottery over a range of mediums and galleries. They even host musical shows on occasion!

Checking out the museum is an inexpensive way to get connected with local art and education. There are frequent competitions, new studios opening, and a host of classes to help you pursue the arts. The website even features a host of galleries for you to look at online.

There is always something new to see at this museum, and the fact that it’s acclaimed on a national and state level means a lot. If you have time during your visit, check it out.


Though San Angelo, TX seems like a relatively small town, there are so many famous landmarks and activities here.

Throughout the state of Texas, it offers some of the best opportunities for artists, fishermen, and more. On your visit to San Angelo, don’t forget to check out these amazing places and attractions.

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