Is San Angelo, TX Located in West Texas?

Is San Angelo TX in West Texas?

The dividing line between West Texas and East Texas can be muddy. Even without considering the unspoken boundaries, people on both sides of the line have conflicting opinions.

Where does San Angelo fall?

San Angelo falls just to the west of the West Texas unspoken boundary. This means that despite its proximity to close East Texas towns, it is a West Texas city.

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The 7th largest population center in West Texas, San Angelo boasts great colleges and a US Air Force base.

Read on to find out more about San Angelo, the West Texas region, and where to draw the line.

The West Texas Region

West Texas is a large region, even for Texas standards. This area stretches westward from the middle of the state.

Most of the Panhandle, Big Bend country, and Hill Country regions are within the boundaries of West Texas. Some of Texas’s biggest and most popular cities are in the West Texas Region.

While most of the area experiences the dry, arid atmosphere that Texas is known for, there are some exceptions. Part of the Big Bend County is mountainous, meaning it may experience cooler temperatures than other places in the state.

There are several larger cities in West Texas. These include Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso, and Odessa.

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Lubbock is one of those essentially Texan towns that are popular and thriving. It’s one of the largest cities in the state of Texas, with a population of about 338,000 people. It has great schools and is home to one of the largest areas in the US for cotton.


Amarillo rests in the center of the Texas Panhandle. It’s an important stop on Interstate 40, which used to be Route 66.

It has a population of about 200,000 residents. It hosts a large meat-packing plant, aircraft assembly plants, and a nuclear weapons facility, all of which create plenty of jobs for locals.

El Paso

Johnny Cash famously sang about falling in love in El Paso. Many people can relate to falling in love with El Paso!

El Paso, at the very tip of Big Bend country, is a large area with over 1 million residents. It’s also won the All-American City Award five times. Two of those awards were presented in 2020 and 2021!


Odessa sits in two counties. Though it’s the county seat for Ector County, part of the city rests in Midland County. Midland County is one of the fastest-growing locations in West Texas.

Odessa is growing fast! Currently, an estimated 123,000 people live there. The population and job market are growing by the year.

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Is San Angelo, TX Considered West Texas?

San Angelo falls very near to the commonly defined boundary line of West Texas.

Nearby towns such as Eden and Junction are in East Texas, but San Angelo is still on the West side.

It’s not just geography that places San Angelo in this region.

Many San Angelo authorities and official sites tote that San Angelo is a West Texas oasis. Its position in the Concho Valley, with lakes and rivers all around, makes it a bit greener and friendlier for outdoor recreation.

Since San Angelo is in the most eastern part of the West Texas region, it still maintains an arid, dry climate. Fortunately, there are two lakes to cool off in when it gets too warm.

How Does San Angelo, TX Stack Up?

San Angelo is the 7th largest city in West Texas. A 2019 estimate put the population at around 100,000.

It’s one of the best locations in Texas to start a small business as well, despite being more rural than some of the other cities in the region.

San Angelo, TX is a great place to raise your family. The city perfectly blends modern convenience with a small-town atmosphere.

There is a large emphasis on outdoor recreation here, from the numerous parks to the lakes and associated recreation areas.

San Angelo, TX also emphasizes culture, including the arts. The town is home to the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts and the San Angelo Performing Arts Center, along with various other locations for artists, performers, and more.

San Angelo is the county seat for Tom Green County.

Tom Green County

The County around San Angelo is small, and only has about 20,000 more people than San Angelo itself.

Other towns in Tom Green County include Carlsbad, Christoval, and Grape Creek, as well as other communities that aren’t census-designated.

The previous county seat, Ben Ficklin, was flooded by the Concho River in 1882. Today, Ben Ficklin is a ghost town and occasional tourist attraction.

The county has a narrow strip of land just a few miles wide as part of its boundary, which is unusual in Texas and most other locations in the United States.

Angelo State University

Angelo State University, located in San Angelo, is one of the best universities in the area.

According to the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, Angelo State has been ranked as one of the best colleges in the nation by Princeton, and they’ve retained that ranking since 2010. There are over 100 majors available for attending students.

Goodfellow Air Force Base

Most families find themselves in San Angelo because of the Air Force Base. Goodfellow houses units from all branches of the United States military and focuses mostly on training and logistics.

Where Does West Texas Start?

There are no clearly defined boundaries, so it can be hard to determine where West Texas begins. There is an ‘unspoken’ boundary to take into consideration.

Usually, people define the boundary between East and West Texas as a line between three major cities in the middle of the state. On a map of Texas, start in Wichita Falls and draw a straight line down to Abilene.

From there, find Del Rio on the southern border. Draw another straight line from Abilene to Del Rio. Everything to the west of this line is West Texas.

San Angelo manages to be just on the west side of this line.


San Angelo is a West Texas town like no other. Located on the Concho River, this city is right on the boundary that separates West Texas from the other half of the state.

With a focus on community, culture, and some of the best universities in Texas, San Angelo is the West Texas oasis of your dreams.

Related Questions

Is San Angelo, TX East or West?

San Angelo, TX is in West Texas. It’s considered a West Texas town by the town council, but also by geography. San Angelo is close to the ‘line’ that begins the West Texas region, but it is still in West Texas.

Where is the Boundary for West Texas?

Draw a line from Wichita Falls south to Abeline, and south again to Del Rio. This is widely considered to be the line that separates West Texas from East Texas.


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