Moving to Cedar Park, TX: Everything You Need to Know

moving to Cedar Park TX

Cedar Park, TX is a suburb of Austin, TX. This moderately-sized city boasts about 80,000 – and it’s growing fast. If you want to join the thousands each year that are moving to Cedar Park, there’s a lot to consider.

Before deciding to move to Cedar Park, TX, you should consider the vibe, know where the best neighborhoods are, take a look at the economy, and understand which schools are best. Finally, take a look at some great entertainment in the city.

Let’s take a look at Cedar Park, TX, and why so many people are moving there!

Living in Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park, TX is a suburb of Austin. It’s located just to the north of Austin, and should only take you about 20 minutes to drive between them.

It’s a nice break from the big city – even though it’s close to Austin, it has an entirely different vibe. Here, there are many well-off neighborhoods, friendly residents, and less crime than larger cities like Austin.

Cedar Park was incorporated in 1973, so it’s still relatively new. In 2013, the US Census Bureau recognized Cedar Park as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

Today, the numbers continue to grow.

Cedar Park, TX Living

You can’t know what it’s like to live somewhere before you decide to move. However, these statistics will help you understand Cedar park a bit better.

Best Neighborhoods in Cedar Park, TX

While Cedar Park has a host of great neighborhoods, there are a few communities clustered close to the Colorado River that is more desirable than others.

The following neighborhoods boast lower crime rates than the rest of the city in all areas, including violent and property crimes.

  • Ranch at Deer Creek
  • Cypress Canyon
  • Twin Creeks Country Club
  • Bella Vista

These are the hottest and safest neighborhoods in Cedar Park, Texas right now.

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What is the Economy like in Cedar Park, TX?

According to AreaVibes, Cedar Park, TX has an unemployment rate of about 3%. This is 31% lower than the natural average.

The average household income is about $87,500 per year, which is 58% higher than the US average.

Suffice it to say that Cedar Park, TX is a bit wealthier and better-employed than most of the country. It even gets good scores among other cities in Texas.

Cost of Living in Cedar Park, TX

Cost of Living is the one area where Cedar Park, TX isn’t as desirable. The cost of living is higher than the US average and 10% higher than the average in the rest of Texas.

This is because Cedar Park has many families earning more money than average. As a result, taxes and real estate prices are rising as more people move to Cedar Park.

Traffic in Cedar Park

Cedar Park doesn’t have a whole lot of heavy traffic. The heaviest traffic occurs downtown and on smaller side streets.

However, the surface streets are generally clear. Moving around during rush hour traffic isn’t as terrible as it would be in the city. The freeway running through Cedar Park helps to relieve some of the traffic from roads in town.

What is the Weather Like?

Cedar Park, TX has a moderate climate. Temperatures range from the low 40s in the Winter and the mid-90s during the summer.

The temperature is only in the high 80s or above between June and September. Winters don’t get cold and there isn’t a lot of precipitation.

Schools in Cedar Park, TX

There are about 59 schools in Cedar Park, TX. Only about 17 of those are private schools. Still, most of the schools through the middle of town have a very good GreatSchools score, with many of them above average on a state and national level.


Everyone in Cedar Park is friendly. Because of the distance from the city, there is a small-town atmosphere that benefits from how close Austin is.

The neighborhoods are safe, with better crime rates than most other places in Texas. While you can’t quite know everyone in Cedar Park, you’re sure to run into people you know while you’re out and about.

Entertainment in Cedar Park, TX

You can expect a lot of coffee shops, outdoor recreation, and restaurants in Cedar Park. There are some nightclubs and other nightlife staples, but most urban entertainment takes place in Austin.

While there isn’t much for families to do outside of hiking and recreation, a short drive to Austin will open a ton of new entertainment experiences.

However, Cedar Park does boast the H-E-B Center, a live entertainment venue and sports arena. It also occasionally serves as a hockey rink, as Cedar Park is home to the Texas Stars of the AHL along with the Austin Spurs.


Cedar Park, TX couldn’t be described as ‘quaint’, but it offers a lot of great benefits for residents. If you want to be able to experience Austin without living in the middle of the city, Cedar Park is a great place to get away from it all without getting too far away.


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