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Thinking of moving to San Angelo, TX?

You might want to find a home in The Bluffs. This friendly community on the edge of town has nice houses, a huge family focus, and a lower violent crime rate than much of the city.

Consider purchasing a home here if you want to be close to the action, but want some great views from your backyard.

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The Bluffs Neighborhood Overview

The Bluffs is a prominent middle-class neighborhood located in the western part of San Angelo, TX.

Though it is close to a lot of popular dining options and locations, it’s also a bit isolated from other residential areas in San Angelo.

The Houston Harte Expressway cuts through the area. Homes to the north of the expressway are generally more high-end options, whereas homes to the south are more affordable.

The Bluffs has a population of nearly 5,000 people. 40% of the people who live here are between the ages of 20-44 years old, while 26% are between 45 and 64.

There are also a lot of children that live here, as 25% of the residents are under 19. It’s a great neighborhood for families, with a huge variation in rent and real estate prices. There are seven schools in the area, too.

To the north of The Bluffs is San Angelo State Park, which means that those who live here have a nice view to the north and east.

The outer reaches of the area are nearly rural, so a car is needed to get into town from here.


Most of the residents of this area have some college, at a rate of about 60%.

By San Angelo standards, this is a diverse neighborhood. 65% of the population identifies as white, with 27.8% Hispanic residents, 3.4% African American residents, and 1.6% Asian residents. 2.1% of residents identify as another ethnicity.

Income is about $51,000 per year on average for families in this location, too. Only 13% of families in The Bluffs rank as ‘below poverty’ based on income.

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The Bluffs Real Estate

Real estate in The Bluffs is pretty evenly split between residents who rent and those who own their homes.

Homes in The Bluffs neighborhood are usually ranch-style homes or bungalow-style homes, with a few modern options thrown in.

Homes here sell for between $200,000 and $650,000, with prices increasing in the northern and northeastern parts of the neighborhood. Rents usually hover at around $1,300 per month.

The area known as the Upper Bluffs is well-maintained and expensive. Homes closer to the edge of the neighborhood often sell for more, are larger, and may have pools in the backyard.

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Most residents report that traffic is slow, and often restricted to those who live in the community.

Outside of the Houston Harte Expressway and the Sherwood Highway, there are only homes in the northern part of the neighborhood or the ‘Upper Bluffs’.

Cars are not often parked on the side of the road, so it’s easier to drive the residential streets as well.

South of the Houston Harte Expressway, there is more traffic. This area connects directly to town, so expect to see more vehicles that don’t belong to residents of the community.

Still, It’s simple to commute into town using both the highway system and the expressway, which is near enough to be convenient but not close enough for excess noise or traffic.

Safety and Crime Rate

The Bluffs is, on average, safer than some areas of San Angelo. Overall crime rates are about average with other areas around the edges of the city, which are somewhat safer than the neighborhoods in the center.

The Bluffs has an average property crime rate per capita for San Angelo. This ranks at about a D+ according to Crime Grade, which takes into account crimes like burglary, breaking and entering, and vehicle theft.

On the other hand, San Angelo has a better per capita violent crime rate than most of the city, especially above the Houston Harte Expressway. Below the expressway, rates are about average with the city center.

However, areas above the expressway have a significantly better grade when it comes to violent crime. There are drastically fewer violent crimes here.

Due to the lower crime rates for violent crime, it’s safer to live at The Bluffs than in most areas in central San Angelo.

Still, it’s about average when it comes to non-violent crimes when compared with the rest of the city.

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Schools Nearby

There are seven public schools near The Bluffs. Depending on where in the neighborhood you choose to live, your children might attend one of three elementary schools, two middle schools, or two high schools.

Alta Loma Elementary School offers pre-K through 5th grade. It’s rated at about a 2/10 for test score performance, but it has a four-star rating from parents.

McGill Elementary school offers the same grade range and has a 3/10 for test scores and academic performance.

If you live in the southern portion of The Bluffs, your child might attend Bonham Elementary School, with a 6/10 rating and a five-star parent average rating.

For middle schools (grades 6-8), your choices are Lincoln Middle School (2/10 rating) and Lee Middle school (4/10 rating).

Both are rated at 4 stars by parents, and their academic ratings are about average compared to the rest of San Angelo.

High School students will either go to Central High School or Lake View High School. Central High school is larger (and has nearly twice the number of students enrolled at Lake View).

It has a 4/10 rating on GreatSchools and a 4-star parent rating. Lake View has a smaller student body (around 1000 students) and a 2/10 rating from GreatSchools.

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Popular Locations Near the Bluffs

To the north of the Bluffs (and overlapping the northern section a bit) is San Angelo State Park.

Here, you’ll find hiking and biking trails, equestrian trails, camping, and boating. Residents in the northern part of the Bluffs can enjoy unobstructed views of the state park.

It’s also close to O C Fisher Lake, so it’s a quick drive to the edge of the water.

Close to the Bluffs, you’ll find the Sunset Mall, as well as Cinemark Tinseltown USA, a movie theatre. The southern part of the neighborhood has a ton of hotels, so family and friends coming to visit can stay close to you.

Dining Nearby

Just a short drive down the road, you’ll find popular fast-food restaurants and restaurant chains. The Bluffs is just a few blocks from Panda Express, Chili’s Texas Roadhouse, and IHOP.

Other dining opportunities include Cielo TX, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, the Bearded Barista (for coffee), and more.

In the southern portion of The Bluffs, you’ll have easy access to Golden Corral, Olive Garden, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Cotton Patch Café and Rosa’s Café and Tortilla factory round out your options for great dining close to home.

A short drive into the city gets you close to a variety of great dining options, and most aren’t fast food or chain restaurants. Whatever type of food you’re eager to try, there are options for you in San Angelo.

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Bluffs Neighborhood Vibes

According to residents who live at The Bluffs, the neighborhood is friendly. It’s rated as dog friendly. You’ll see some of the neighborhood decked out in Christmas lights come the holidays.

Moving to San Angelo, TX?

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Most yards are well-kept, and the neighborhood is quiet overall.

It is a family neighborhood, so kids are playing outside most days.

Most residents plan to stay in the neighborhood for at least five years, and most neighbors are interested in getting to know those who move to the neighborhood.

One of the only complaints that people in the community have about The Bluffs is the lack of sidewalks.

If you take walks or walk your pets, you have to walk on the street. Since traffic is slow and infrequent, this is less dangerous than it would be in busier parts of the city.


The Bluffs in San Angelo is a great family neighborhood on the western edge of the city. It’s safer than most places in the center of the city.

It’s close to San Angelo State Park, but close enough to town that dining and entertainment are just a short drive away.

Most homes in the area are in good repair and are priced for middle-class families. It’s easily one of the best neighborhoods in San Angelo!

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