10 Reasons San Angelo, TX is a Great Place to Retire

10 Reasons San Angelo, TX is a Great Place to Retire

Your golden years are quickly approaching and you aren’t sure where you want to retire.

There are thousands of cities across the United States that all have wonderful opportunities for retirees.

However, many people are drawn to the culture, affordability, and recreation that they will find in San Angelo, TX.

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Why are so many people making the move to this small Texas town?

San Angelo has been recognized for its commitment to accessible housing, availability, and price point.

It also has a thriving cultural scene, access to great medical care, tons of recreation opportunities, and good air quality. The weather in San Angelo is gorgeous, perfect for retirement.

Why is San Angelo the best place to retire?

Here are 10 reasons you may want to start packing your boxes right away.

Moving to San Angelo, TX?

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10 Reasons to Retire in San Angelo, TX

If you are on the fence about whether San Angelo, TX is the right place for you to retire, these ten reasons are sure to convince you that the town is worth another look.

Take a look at these top ten reasons why many retirees are flooding the San Angelo area this year.

1. Accessible Housing

One of the pitfalls of retiring is that you must start to consider what you will need in the years and decades ahead as you grow older. Being able to gain access to your home or living situation is essential.

That is why many people look for accessible homes that can make the transition into their golden years with them. The good news is that San Angelo is more than prepared to help.

According to an AARP study, San Angelo is equal to the national median when it comes to housing and accessibility.

Approximately 43 percent of homes can be accessed without the need to go up a flight of stairs.

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2. Housing Availability

Not to mention, they also have plenty of selection for multifamily housing.

This is great if you don’t want to worry about maintaining or upkeeping a property in your retirement and golden years. They have more multifamily housing than the national median at 25.8 percent.

You should have no problem finding an apartment or condominium that suits your unique needs as you make the transition into retirement.

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3. Housing Price Point

Another important thing to mention in regards to housing is their price point.

The average monthly cost is just $796 and is well below the national median, making this a great option for those who aren’t looking to spend a fortune in rent.

This can be a great asset, particularly if you will be living on a fixed income in retirement.

You don’t want to blow your new budget on a property that is extremely expensive, and San Angelo gives you plenty of affordable options to choose from.

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4. Recreation

If you are interested in getting outdoors in your retirement, there may be no better place than San Angelo, TX.

Situated along the Concho River, San Angelo is located far enough away from the hustle and bustle of big cities but still has lots of things for you to do.

You can take a walk along the river, spend the day on the lake, or picnic in one of the many parks.

Getting out and getting some fresh air has never been easier than it is when you live in this beautiful city.

You can even visit the beautiful International Waterlily Collection in the botanical gardens of San Angelo.

Spend the day immersed in nature with beautiful plants in full bloom at the Civic League Park. There is no shortage of outdoor activities.

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5. Art

Are you interested in arts and culture? You won’t be disappointed by the art scene in San Angelo.

Whether you choose to spend the day at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, the Chicken Farm Art Center, or Paintbrush Alley, you will be able to immerse yourself in the rich culture and art found in this city.

One of the other benefits to having a thriving art scene is that you could pick up a new hobby.

There many places around town where you can take classes such as Pops of Color or the Chicken Farm Art Center.

It could be a great way to pass the time in retirement and start to create your own body of work.

6. Beautiful Weather

When many people retire, they dream of sunny skies and warm weather year-round.

If you are going to be making the transition from a New England winter, then you will definitely love the sunny days found in San Angelo.

Even in January, the average temperature rarely dips below a balmy 41 degrees. While summers can be hot, you can pass the time on the lake and cool down in the water.

You will also experience sunny days in San Angelo more often than not. While the United States average for rain is 38 inches annually, San Angelo gets just 23 inches per year on average.

You may even see some snow here with an average of one inch of snow per year. It may not be that much, but it can be a magical experience for you.

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7. Great Medical Care

Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of getting older is that you might need more medical care.

If you are thinking of retiring, it is essential to choose an area that has the best medical care in the country.

San Angelo makes the list with an adequate number of doctors in their area. You won’t have to search high and low for a doctor who specializes in your condition.

One of the draws of San Angelo, Texas is their highly-rated San Angelo Community Medical Center.

It contains an on-site emergency center and a medical surgical ICU. Out of all the patients that have frequented this establishment, it still has a four-star rating on U.S. News and World Report.

The only downside to this establishment is that it does not have a cardiac ICU.

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8. Good Air Quality

When you step outside of your front door and take a deep breath, do you want to be greeted by polluted air?

One of the best things to do for your health is to retire somewhere with an excellent air quality.

Fortunately, San Angelo fits the bill.

You can enjoy a leisurely afternoon at one of the many parks, soaking up the sunshine and fresh air without worrying about how it might impact your health.

No matter what your hobby may be, getting out into the beautiful San Angelo weather is important. Rest assured that your body won’t be harmed by pollution in the process.

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9. Cultural Scene

If you want to live somewhere with a lot of culture, then San Angelo, TX should certainly make the list.

In addition to its thriving art scene, this town is alive with excellent culture. One little known fact about San Angelo is that it is home to the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico itself.

Most people find that they don’t have to travel far in this city to find cultural elements that have melded together with the hustle and bustle of San Angelo.

Even if exploring other cultures isn’t your thing, you will love the activities that you can engage in across the cultural scene.

San Angelo is not your typical sleepy retirement town. Instead, you can almost always find some live music and delicious restaurants that feature all types of cuisine, no matter what you are in the mood for.

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10. College Courses

Many retirees desire to learn more in their golden years, even if it is just for personal gain.

For those who want to take advantage of higher education, San Angelo is the perfect spot. Home to Angelo State University, you have access to robust educational resources.

Take a few classes in the evening or earn a new degree. Study agriculture, English, computer science, and more.

Even if you don’t want to commit to taking a class here, you can benefit from the services offered by the university.

The ASU planetarium is an afternoon attraction that you won’t want to miss. Spend the warm afternoons in an air-conditioned building and learn about the galaxy.

There are tons of opportunities like this one to expand your knowledge in your free time.

Retiring in San Angelo, TX

Are you ready to make the commitment to retire in San Angelo, TX? You won’t be disappointed.

Not only is the area affordable and accessible for you as you advance in years, but it also will keep you young with access to plenty of popular cultural activities like art classes, higher education, or a variety of different cuisines.

If all of that isn’t enough to convince you to make the move to San Angelo, maybe the beautiful scenery will.

Take your retirement seriously and find the perfect place. Retiring to San Angelo should be an obvious choice for many!

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