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20 Free Things to Do in San Angelo, TX

Exploring San Angelo, TX doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a ton of free activities to enjoy in this West Texas Oasis.

You can fish the Concho River, visit the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, or view the Historic Murals around town. There are numerous sculpture displays, gardens, and more to enjoy in San Angelo.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best free things you can do in San Angelo, TX.

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Free Outdoor Activities

San Angelo, TX has so many great outdoor activities, and many of them are free! Start here for some great recreation experiences.

Grassy Meadows

Grassy Meadows is a recreational area on Lake Nasworthy. Here, you can fish, camp, and picnic with the family – all free of charge. It’s a great place to spend some time outdoors and it’s great for the whole family.

Concho River

The Concho River is centered in San Angelo. It provides a lot of outdoor recreation experiences.

While some of these areas require a license or fee, some are free. You can drive or walk along the river and find the perfect place to fish and enjoy the view.

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If you love hiking, you’re in luck. There are plenty of hiking trails around San Angelo.

Some of those are in paid areas (such as San Angelo State Park), but other recreation areas (such as Grassy Meadows above) give you tons of free hiking opportunities. Make sure to check around town to find all the best trails.

Dog Park

Need a place for Man’s Best Friend to socialize and exercise? Check out San Angelo’s Dog Park. There are areas for smaller dogs and larger breeds, as well as benches, tables, and obstacles for your furry friends to enjoy.


San Angelo’s famous RiverWalk is a free experience that allows visitors to walk along (and over) the Concho River. Here, you’ll find free parks, picnic areas, and performance spaces. You can even fish along the river! There’s plenty to do on the RiverWalk.

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Fishing the Concho River

If you already have a fishing license, you can check out the fishing along the Concho River.

There are so many areas along the Concho River (especially the Concho RiverWalk) where you can fish without leaving the city. The river is stocked with various species of common fish, including rainbow trout.

Biking Red Arroyo Trail

Red Arroyo Trail is a picturesque trail that runs through some of the parks in San Angelo. This trail can be walked or biked, and there’s a lot of great manmade and natural art to see along the way. The trail starts on Knickerbocker Road and runs through various areas of the city.

Free Indoor Activities

Looking for something to do in the middle of those hot summer days? Check out these free indoor activities in San Angelo, Texas.

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts offers galleries for paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other forms of art. There are a ton of exhibits to catch at any given time.

Entry to the museum is free, so feel free to stop by during business hours to check out some amazing art by local artists as well as national collections.

Chicken Farm Art Center Galleries

The Chicken Farm Art Center is the perfect place for artists to gather. It features studios and galleries from local artists.

Admission is free, and you can visit some of the galleries inside for free, too. If you’re into the local culture of San Angelo’s extensive art scene, it’s great to check out Chicken Farm Art Center’s Galleries.

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Eggemeyer’s General Store

Eggemeyer’s General Store is a rustic experience located in Downtown San Angelo. This authentic general store features homemade treats, candies, local souvenirs, and more. It looks great, and it’s fun to go in and look around – and admission is free, even if the merchandise inside isn’t.

Tom Green County Library System

If you’re looking for a way to spend a few hours indoors, you can explore any of the libraries in the Tom Green County Library System.

There are three libraries in San Angelo, and each of them offers children’s rooms, story reading, free internet access to residents and guests, and tons of free activities.

Angelo State University Mayer Museum

The Mayer Museum at Angelo State University is a free 32,000-square-foot museum that emphasizes science and culture.

It’s great for visitors of all ages to experience dinosaurs, regional history, and more. There’s something for everyone here! Stop by for special classes for your areas of interest, particularly if you enjoy science or history.

Free Daytime Activities

Passing the days in San Angelo can be a walk in the park – literally! These free parks and activities are a great way to spend your days.

International Waterlily Collection

The International Waterlily Collection is the world’s largest collection of waterlilies. It’s free to look at this huge collection, and only a fraction of them are ever on display at one time.

This installation at Civic League Park deserves a look whenever you stop by. This collection is constantly changing, so you’re sure to have a different experience each time you visit.

Kid’s Kingdom

The little ones can run off some extra energy at Kid’s Kingdom, a free community park with tons of amenities, art installations, and fun for the kids in your family. You’ll find playground equipment, exercise areas, and more at Kid’s Kingdom.

The Bosque Park

Bosque Park on the RiverWalk is a full-service park with tons of activities. Some of them require a small fee, but most are free – including giant chess.

Paddleboat rentals will cost you a small fee, but you can take advantage of the park’s other features while you’re there. This Park is one of the best in San Angelo. It features a lot of art installations as well, including the famous San Angelo Art Bug.

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Sheep Sculptures

Once upon a time, San Angelo was an important wool production center. To commemorate this important time in the city’s history, a huge collection of fiberglass sheep statues were erected in the area.

There are 48 in total, located in front of many local businesses. They are painted and decorated to represent these businesses, too. You can find a map on their website to help point you toward all the sheep around town.

Historic Murals

While you’re looking for sheep around town, make sure to stop and look at some of San Angelo’s Historic Murals. These artworks display memorable moments in San Angelo’s history.

Stop by some of the paintings downtown to see the rich history of the area. They are easy to find and feature stunning details of the history of San Angelo.

RiverWalk Sculpture Garden

While you’re walking along the Concho River, taking in the view from San Angelo’s famous RiverWalk, make sure to stop by the sculpture and art garden.

This public installation features some amazing art from local artists, and it’s free to visit.

Kirby Park

Kirby Community Park features a skate park, playground equipment, trails, fishing docks, and more.

There are so many activities here and all of them are free to partake in, especially if you bring your equipment.

Make sure to stop by and take advantage of some of the free activities you can find at Kirby Community Park, no matter if you go to the North Park or the South Park.

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Free Nighttime Activities

When the sun goes down, catch some of these free activities around San Angelo, TX.

RiverWalk Performance Spaces

The San Angelo RiverWalk is one of the best free activities on offer, but at night there’s an entirely different atmosphere.

On certain nights, the free performance spaces along the RiverWalk will be occupied by local artists giving free performances. Check out the lights on the water while you sit awhile and listen.


San Angelo, TX has a lot of fun activities for all budgets. However, the free activities you can find here are worth checking out, especially if you’re on a budget! Keep an eye out for more great things for the whole family to do as you visit San Angelo, TX.

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