10 Best BBQ Restaurants in San Angelo, TX

best bbq in san angelo tx

Finding the best BBQ in San Angelo, Texas is a bit of a coming-of-age ritual that every Texan must endure, and when you’re looking in San Angelo, you better believe that there is more than one option.

In fact, you can find the very best of your favorite smoked brisket, ribs, even beef sausage, all in the heart of West Texas.

Maybe you’ve heard of the world-famous (at least for us Texans) Concho Pearl Icehouse, Joco BBQ, or what about the Packsaddle BBQ? All of these BBQ houses are staples in San Angelo and can all be found within the good ol’ city limits of this West Texas town.

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And all within driving distance of each other, so you won’t be venturing out too far to get your hands on the best BBQ in the state (sorry Austin).

So get your horses ready (or pickups,) loosen that belt buckle, and unbutton the top button of your Wrangler flannel.

Because in this guide, we dive into one of the most sacred of Texan traditions, the search for the absolute most delicious barbecue in the heart of San Angelo, Texas.

The Texas Tradition of BBQ

BBQ is a tradition that started a few hundred years ago, back to the original thirteen colonies.

When English settlers noticed that the native Americans would wrap their food in leaves and then use an indirect flame (yes, true BBQ is not grilled) to cook their meats.

Flash forward a few centuries and Texas BBQ is born! But we do things a little different down here, instead of cooking pork or other meats, we Texans have a love of all things beef.

So in this Texas guide, you will find the very best of slow-cooked beef ranging from briskets smoked over oak (smothered in San Angelo’s very best BBQ sauces, of course) mesquite-smoked BBQ, beef sandwiches, a wide variety of spicy, rough-ground beef sausages and even a few pork ones too.

As well as the best beers, the best coleslaw, home baked corn bread and everything in between to accompany a proper Texan BBQ meal.

Because in this great state, you don’t eat your BBQ alone, it always comes with a freshly served side of Southern cooking and a cold brewski.

So take a seat, and enjoy the very best of BBQ, straight from the heart of San Angelo, Texas.

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Bubba’s Smokehouse

Founded by a husband and wife business team and run by the family itself, this mom and pop shop gives you the very best of Southern home cooking.

With homemade cornbread, pit-smoked ribs, brisket, pulled pork and the best potato salad south of the Mississippi.

The space is comfortable, and makes you feel like you’re at home, relaxing and ready to enjoy some good ol’ Southern comfort food.

They have a long list of side dishes to pair alongside (for all you meat lovers,) with San Angelo famous potato salad, homemade pinto beans, and coleslaw to keep it classic.

They also offer a family carry-out special and a gallon of sweet Texan tea, all for under $25! Now if that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is.

1801 Ben Ficklin Road
San Angelo TX 76901
Phone: 325-617-2913
Website: https://www.facebook.com/bubbassmokehousetx/

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Bodacious BBQ

A family-owned BBQ restaurant with some of the best cuts in town. Bodacious BBQ boasts an impressive BBQ collection of beef brisket, smoked turkey, pork ribs, pulled pork, hot link sausages and even your childhood favorite, sloppy joes!

This casual yet straight to the point BBQ spot focuses all on the eating and none on the fuss. They offer an impressive menu that will leave your mouth watering.

Featuring their famous pulled pork sandwiches paired with what locals are calling “the best traditional BBQ sauce”.

1207 W Beauregard Ave, San Angelo, TX 76901
Phone: 325-657-2000
Website: https://bodacioussanangelo.com/

Joco BBQ

One of the best Louisiana style BBQ shops in the Concho Valley, you can expect a fast and casual atmosphere from this San Angelo staple.

Joco offers not only your traditional cuts of BBQ but Louisiana style additions to warm you up during those long chilly months in Texas. They also offer pulled pork sandwiches and one mighty fine chicken with Cajun poutine dressing.

Aside from their traditional Louisiana BBQ, they also offer their own homemade ghost pepper and mango wing sauce to take home for you Sunday night football cookouts.

Did I mention ghost pepper—the hottest pepper in Texas?

4909 Oaklawn Blvd
San Angelo TX 76903
Phone: 318-488-0606
Website: https://www.facebook.com/JOCOBBQ/

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The Concho Pearl Icehouse

This is the place you want to go on a Friday night with your friends from the office after a long stressful week.

This icehouse is packed with some of the best beers, mimosas, and BBQ sandwiches in San Angelo.

Their world famous Cowboy Sushi will leave you breathless, or their Brisket Stuffed Avocado will remind you why you like beef so much.

Ashley and her family offer some of the town’s house favorites such as the Sliced Smoked Brisket, Big Red Pulled Pork Sandwich and the best craft beer you’re going to find next to this level of BBQ.

1605 S Chadbourne
San Angelo TX 76903
Phone: 325-617-7909
Website: theconchopearl.com

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This casual yet authentic BBQ restaurant offers 100% mild meat, all natural ingredients (so you won’t find any fluff here) and the best handcrafted BBQ cuts in the State of Texas.

As RJ the owner loves to say about his family-owned BBQ spot, “Good BBQ ain’t cheap, and cheap BBQ ain’t good”. And boy, could we not agree with him more.

Boasting on a wide array of plates such as their ribs, brisket, and homemade sausages you can fulfill just about every BBQ craving here.

But what really stands out is their homemade Peach Cobbler, designed by RJ’s mother herself. So you don’t leave with a sweet tooth aching.

101 East Ave
San Angelo TX 76903
Phone: 325-212-1480
Website: rjbbqtx.com

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Packsaddle Bar-B-Cue

A local all homemade BBQ restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere, made to put you at ease and relax all of your weekly tensions, Packsaddle is the ideal place for the person looking to find all homemade products where you can taste the difference.

Packsaddle boasts a great collection of food options from their mesquite smoked barbecue that they smoke for a minimum of 14 hours to their grilled burgers, fresh catfish and even hand battered chicken and steaks.

They have a little bit of everything for the family and again, did I mention they make nearly everything from scratch?

6007 Knickerbocker Road
San Angelo TX 76904
Phone: 323-467-1175
Website: http://packsaddlebarbque.com/

Smokehouse Bar BQ

The Smokehouse Bar BQ excels in its namesake, the smoked barbecue. And they not only offer San Angelo’s best smoked cuts but they also offer some of San Angelo’s best desserts, like their famous banana pudding straight from the hands of Peggy herself.

Bob and Peggy, run this one-stop-smokehouse like a true BBQ joint offering their patrons sliced beef sandwiches, chopped beef sandwiches as well as brisket and pork ribs by the pound.

And before you leave make sure to try their whole peach or whole cherry cobblers with a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream.

2302 West Beauregard
San Angelo TX 76903
Phone: 325-942-0868
Website: https://the-smokehouse-bar-b-q.hub.biz/

Southern Smoke BBQ

An all you can eat BBQ startup is just what every hungry Texan needs. Southern Smoke opened shop in 2020 when Pit Master Blake Woodsen decided to take his culinary skills to the next level.

After having worked at the prestigious Brickvault BBQ in Marathon, Texas—Blake relocated to the heart of San Angelo and now offers some of the best smoked BBQ in our great State.

You can enjoy Blake’s unique take on the traditional Mexican quesadilla, The Brisket Quesadilla, or his Jalapeno Poppers, or even his Brisket Elote (corn in Spanish). This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in BBQ.

214 South Chadbourne
San Angelo TX 76903
Phone: 214-802-2229
Website: https://www.southernsmoketexas.com/

Texas Oak BBQ

A beautiful blend and marriage of Tex Mex and traditional Texas Barbecue, this family owned BBQ restaurant is the perfect place for a Sunday outing.

With football perpetually on in the background and $4 whiskeys, this is just the kind of place you want to be during the Superbowl.

Texas Oak offers unique takes on dishes like their Brisket Nachos or their Brisket Quesadillas, soaked in a fresh and zesty barbecue sauce made in house.

They also offer catering and take out for those wing fans who want to enjoy their favorite barbecue spot from the comfort of their sofas.

3301 Arden Road
San Angelo TX 76901
Phone: 325-450-4138
Website: https://www.facebook.com/MainStreetCafeSanAngelo/

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Cork & Pig Tavern

Ending our list of best BBQ spots in San Angelo, we turn our sights to the upscale but inviting atmosphere of Cork & Pig Tavern.

Serving the Concho Valley since 2010, this chef driven restaurant offers a wide variety of wood-fired pizzas, BBQ sandwiches, gourmet salads, and signature entrees.

All perfectly complemented with their wines, craft beers, and extensive Texas cocktail list.

Be sure to try their Beef Rib smothered in their house blend barbecue sauce, or their Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Before you call it a night, because let’s face it this is the perfect place for a date.

Make sure to impress your special other with one of Cork & Pig’s Famous Beignets, topped with powdered sugar, caramel, mint and chocolate chips. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your honey.

1407 Knickerbocker Road
San Angelo TX 76904
Phone: 325-227-6988
Website: https://www.corkandpig.com/san-angelo/

10 Finest BBQ Spots in San Angelo, TX

  • Bubba’s Smokehouse
  • Bodacious BBQ
  • Joco BBQ
  • The Concho Pearl Icehouse
  • RJ BBQ
  • Packsaddle Bar-B-Cue
  • Smokehouse Bar BQ
  • Southern Smoke BBQ
  • Texas Oak BBQ
  • Cork & Pig Tavern

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