Best Breakfast Burritos in San Angelo, TX

best breakfast burritos in san angelo, tx

If you have ever contemplated the art of the burrito or what makes for a truly delectable mixture of eggs, cheese, and potatoes in a warm freshly-made flour tortilla—then we have the answer for you deep in the heart of Texas, San Angelo, Texas to be exact.

Where culinary art meets the bold and robust flavors of Tex-Mex cooking.

Culminating in a series of restaurants, food stands, even “Abuelita’s” secret family recipe all prepared for the office “godin” or the hungry individual seeking a spicy yet savory start to their morning run.

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Utilizing some of the culinary world’s greatest and most creative minds to tailor a list of best breakfast burritos in San Angelo, we dive deep into what constitutes the perfect burrito.

From the fluffiness of the eggs to the way the cheese melts over its interior contents, and yes, even the occasional vegetarian-friendly creation for our health-conscious eaters.

There is an option for everyone, we will not be discriminating in our burritos for this all-inclusive analysis of the best burritos in San Angelo.

Let’s jump right into our succulent list of best burritos, so we can get those taste buds to start watering.

Your digestion will thank us later, and more importantly, your food-soul (yes, it’s a thing) will too. So settle down, put on your chef reviewer’s hat and take a gander at what San Angelo has to offer in the Tex-Mex world.

You will be left… speechless or hungry. Or both.

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Diving Deep Into the Science of the Burrito

In her latest cookbook, “What’s Gaby Cooking,” author Gaby Dalkin dives into her personal history with the burrito and how she and her co-workers became such fanatics of the Tex-Mex morning prize jewel that they even designed a rating system for the burrito.

She goes on to say, “Every Friday, someone would bring burritos for the group, and they’d grade them on a number of criteria: Are the eggs perfectly scrambled? Is the bacon evenly distributed? Are all the ingredients in an ideal ratio?”

The key, Gaby explains in her novel Tex-Mex book is also how the eggs are cooked. Often when you go to a restaurant, the restaurant might be in a hurry to get your food out and so the eggs come out undercooked.

Or if they have a full restaurant, leaving the eggs for too long on the stove will result in overcooked eggs. One resulting in a leaky egg that falls out from the side of the tortilla when bitten and the other tasting more akin to SpongeBob wrapped in a tortilla when you bite down into it.

Both are incorrect, Gaby explains. The secret to the egg is non-salted butter, cooked over medium, not too hot, nor too little heat—just right in the middle. This simple, yet often overlooked technique is the keystone to a restaurant creating a burrito her Abuelita would be proud of.

Another excellent point Gaby makes is the ratio of ingredients, you don’t want to be over inundated with cheese or bacon—or bite into one portion of the burrito and get a mouthful of jalapeno (ouch!).

Instead, Gaby recommends this, “To make sure each bite has the perfect ratio of flavors, don’t build burritos one at a time, but line up each tortilla and go down the row: cooked eggs, followed by bacon, cheese, pico de gallo, roasted potatoes, and sliced avocado.”

Worry not dear reader, in our carefully selected list of restaurants to come, they have all perfected Gaby’s techniques. No leaky eggs or Spongebob’s at these restaurants.

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The Best Burritos in San Angelo, TX

Illian’s Burrito Place

| 319 W 14th St San Angelo, TX 76903 | Mon-Fri 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM | (325) 481-3846 |

“The highlight of their burritos is the smoothest refried beans in the planet and the fresh taste of cilantro. Illiana’s can be looked at as fresh fast food as all of the burritos are assembled in front of you from ingredients in over 40 chafing dishes. Definitely worth a try.”

Click here to see them on Yelp

The Corner Stop

| 2021 Ben Ficklin Rd San Angelo, TX 76903 | Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM | (325) 653-7414 |

“The mom and pop joints are always the good ones they say. I can vouch for this one. Loved the lengua, barbacoa, and chorizo burritos here!”

Click here to see them on Yelp

Los Gallos Bakery & Restaurant

| 2029 Armstrong St San Angelo, TX 76903 | Mon-Sun 5:00 AM – 7:00 PM | (325) 212-1894 |

“This restaurant is my favorite breakfast burrito in town! I’ve tried nearly every burrito!”

Click here to see them on Yelp

Panchita’s Tortilla Factory

| 2504 N Chadbourne St San Angelo, TX 76903 |Mon-Sat 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM | (325) 655-2138 |

“The best huevos con chorizo burritos and the best flour tortillas in town and probably the
best for a hundred miles or more!”

Click here to see them on Yelp

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Mendez Cafe

3415 S Chadbourne San Angelo, TX 76904 | (325) 227-6835 | Mon-Sun 7:00 AM -9:00 PM

“Really really good food and hot sauce! Best burritos in town and really affordable”

Click here to see them on Yelp

Julio’s Cafe

3334 Knickerbocker Rd San Angelo, TX 76904 | (325) 947-3534 | Mon-Sat 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM

“Haiku for Julio’s Burritos: So many choices How I love their seasoned chips! Best breakfast burritos”

Click here to see them on Yelp

Diego’s Burritos

301 N Main St San Angelo, TX 76903 | (325) 374-8596

”The service is always spectacular, friendly, quick and without the unnecessary pleasantries that would get in the way of their tasty, juicy, and reasonably priced burritos. My favorite is the spicy barbacoa and their green sauce.”

Click here to see them on Yelp

Angry Cactus

1 W Concho Ave San Angelo, TX 76903 | (325) 703-6999 | Mon-Sun 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

“My husband had the pork burrito, which had wonderful smoked flavor and delicious sour cream sauce.”

Click here to go to their website

Main Street Cafe

| 903 N Main St Fl 1 Baptist Retirement Community Campus San Angelo, TX 76903 | (325) 657-9101 | Mon-Sun 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM |

“We ordered the breakfast slider, amazing! Also ordered 2 breakfast burritos very filling.”

Click here to see them on Yelp

Western Sky Steakhouse

2024 N Chadbourne San Angelo, TX 76903 | (325) 655-3610 | Mon-Thurs 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM, Fri/Sat 11:00 AM-10:00 PM/Sun 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

“friendly, food was delicious. 5 Stars from me. I had a Burrito plate, and it was super delicious.”

Click here to see their menu


Now that you have a plethora of options to start your day off on a high note in San Angelo, Texas—remember not all burritos are made the same.

So be sure to thank those abuelitas for sharing a bit of their culture with you and for enriching your day with the perfect meal made for a Tex-Mex king or queen.

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