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The city of San Angelo is nestled in the heart of Texas. It is a great place to raise a family, to enjoy culture and the arts, and to find the community you most want to live in.

Of the 24 neighborhoods within San Angelo, PaulAnn is a true suburb of the city – a modern, affordable, family-friendly spot that embodies suburbia and still offers a bit of the rural charm San Angelo is known for.

PaulAnn is a great neighborhood to connect with the community and enjoy the culture of San Angelo at a more affordable price.

With its family-friendly atmosphere, it sits just minutes from Goodfellow Air Force base and in close proximity to Quicksand Golf Course. PaulAnn is a great place to live.

What makes PaulAnn a good neighborhood? What features are drawing people into this area?

Here are all of the facts that you need to know before making the decision to move your family to PaulAnn.

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PaulAnn Neighborhood Overview

When it comes to deciding where to live, PaulAnn has a lot to offer growing families and single individuals alike.

A simple act of just driving into a neighborhood can very often give you a sense and feel of ‘home,’ and PaulAnn quickly offers that sweet suburban feel with its family-friendly atmosphere.

PaulAnn is located in the northern part of San Angelo and draws in a more middle-class population as it offers homes that are more affordable than some of the neighborhoods in the southern part of the city.

The average median price for a home in PaulAnn is $195,000, with most homes averaging between three and four bedrooms.

House lots offer space to play in the yard along with several natural elements like full-grown trees and more established surroundings.

PaulAnn offers a great mix of suburban life while also still giving something of a rural feel.

There are opportunities to build on bigger pieces of land in PaulAnn which offers a more country feel for those who are so inclined.

On the other hand, the neighborhood is not so rural that you would feel isolated from other neighbors or from the needed amenities the city has to offer.

You are still within just a short drive of all the amenities that you may want such as grocery shopping, restaurants, and even the public school system.

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Not that far away sits the Goodfellow Air Force base. This presence helps aid in the safety and security that is felt within the area.

As if this weren’t enough to deter random crimes, there is also a strong and well-respected police presence in PaulAnn.

Though the southern neighborhoods in San Angelo are known to have slightly better crime rates, the cost of living in those areas is much higher.

Many have found that the simple addition of a good home security system is an easy deterrent for their property being victimized.

Overall, on a poll taken through, neighbors love PaulAnn because it is peaceful, quiet, safe, and family-friendly.

School Systems Near Paul Ann

A big consideration of most any neighborhood is the educational opportunities that are available for children.

Within an easy 10-minute radius, PaulAnn offers a great selection. There are several preschool choices for the youngest infant and toddler.

They are close to many of the businesses and other schools in town, which makes the commute to get there quick and easy. Parents will find that it is on the way to many other destinations.

PaulAnn also has a strong school system for the children of its neighborhood. There are three different elementary public schools: Bradford, Holiman, and San Jacinto Elementary Schools.

In addition, there are two public middle schools, Lincoln and Lee Middle School, and two high schools, Central and Lake View High School.

Their schools rank on average among the area public schools. As if that weren’t enough, these schools also offer opportunities to help connect families and further educate their children.

It is relatively common to see the schools facilitate excellent field trips to the local historic sites or in connection with the nearby Howard College.

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Perks of Living in PaulAnn

PaulAnn is closely located to so many of the events and happenings that go on all throughout San Angelo.

The city is always putting on events that have the community in mind.

From the annual month-long rodeo that comes to town to the civic center putting on family nights like mother-and-son or father-and-daughter events throughout the year, the city is always creating moments for families to connect.

There are several churches in the area for those looking for a spiritual connection.

PaulAnn Church, located in the heart of the area, offers opportunities for families to connect on Sundays and throughout the week to build their faith and grow strong as a community.

The family-friendly feel is continued through the many sports opportunities that PaulAnn offers as well.

There is a local YMCA for various sporting opportunities. The Love Municipal Pool offers a huge pool experience for children and adults alike to exercise in fun while escaping the heat of the summer.

If water is the primary sport for the family, then fishing, boating, and exploring the nearby Concho River might be the avenue for you.

There is no shortage of things that you can do in the scenic neighborhood of PaulAnn. Everything is just a short drive away and the opportunities are practically limitless.

Be sure to check with local parks and the civic center to see about events that they might be putting on to bring the community together as well.

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Traffic and Commute

The city of San Angelo is known for its shorter than average overall commute.

With much of the food, entertainment, business, and shopping opportunities all within such an easy reach, PaulAnn finds itself in a prime spot to get to all that the city life has to offer while still giving you a more rural feel.

Located more toward the northern end of the city, PaulAnn is closely positioned to much of the culture and beautiful sights of the area.

Within a quick 12-minute drive or less, you and the family can take in the historic sites of Fort Concho, exploring the grounds and experiencing the views. There are several exhibits on the grounds there and much history to soak in.

Even closer to the neighborhood is access to the beauty of San Angelo’s River Walk. This stretch of beauty offers entertainment, adventure, and fun for all ages.

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Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment

When it comes to spending an afternoon in PaulAnn, you won’t be disappointed by the extensive list of activities that are available to you.

Whether you prefer immersing yourself in nature or dining out at a local restaurant, this city has something for you.

There are beautiful gardens all around the River Walk that can be enjoyed and explored almost year-round.

If your family is a bit more active, there are parks like the Kirby Community Park or Kids Kingdom that would easily engage your kids in adventure and fun through their playgrounds, fishing opportunities, and numerous trails to explore.

Shopping and dining are also within a quick reach of PaulAnn.

There are popular chain restaurants like Texas Roadhouse and Olive Garden, as well as more local flavors like Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and Armentas Cafe.

Shopping opportunities can include a quick trip to Walmart or the H-E-B Grocery. Despite the more rural feel of the neighborhood, you won’t be cut off from the amenities that you need, including grocery shopping.

You will also be close to shopping in San Angelo’s major district though you won’t be so close that you have to fight traffic while in PaulAnn.

In the neighborhood itself, you will only be close to convenience stores and a few small businesses. If you want to experience big city shopping, you might have to plan a trek into the downtown district of San Angelo.

Whether you prefer adventures during the day with its cultural amenities and county parks or enjoying a little of the night life that the city has to offer, PaulAnn is close to all the action and fun.

PaulAnn Could be the Right Neighborhood for You

San Angelo is blessed to be a center for great history. It has beautiful settings all throughout thanks to the natural Concho River, gorgeously maintained gardens, and beautiful parks.

So many activities and amenities within one city, and the neighborhood of PaulAnn is beautifully positioned to enjoy it all.

Covering the northern part of the city, PaulAnn is a welcoming neighborhood. It is a prominent middle-class area, perfect for those looking for a safe place to live in suburbia. However, it is also for those still wanting to experience a bit of rural life.

There is a strong sense of community within the area that seems to be felt amongst the people.

This beautiful neighborhood offers its residents a feeling of safety and fun at more affordable prices and is among San Angelo’s top neighborhoods to live in.

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