Is San Angelo, TX a Safe Place to Live? – 5 Reasons Why

is san angelo tx a safe place to live

Are you thinking about moving to San Angelo, TX?

You may be wondering if it’s a safe place to call home.

Especially if you have a family or are considering retiring here.

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Located in the heart of West Texas, San Angelo is a multi-layered tapestry of history, art, culture, and adventure.

San Angelo is also growing city with a thriving local economy. We have low violent crime rates, tons of events where you can connect with neighbors, and safe neighborhoods.

The nearby military base and police presence in the area allows residents a feeling of comfort within the community.

But, is it a safe place to live?

Here are some of the indicators that this thriving town would be an ideal and safe place for you to make your home.

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5 Reasons San Angelo is a Safe Place to Live

As with many things, the overall safety of living in a certain area encompasses a wide variety of factors.

San Angelo is no different.

There is seldom just one thing that indicates whether or not you would be safe living somewhere.

Instead, there are a multitude of factors that you must consider to determine whether a location is a safe place to raise a family.

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Crime Rates

One of the most obvious things to consider when you are thinking about the safety of an area has to be what the crime rate looks like.

San Angelo, which according to World Population Review, currently has a population of 103,989 residents. As such, it is not without crime amongst its communities.

However, this mid-sized city does offer some comfort as you look a little closer into those numbers.

In San Angelo, violent crimes (which usually include force or the threat of force to a person) are lower than the overall average throughout Texas.

In fact, by the end of 2020, San Angelo was 15.69 percent lower in violent crimes than some of its surrounding cities, and 3.68 percent lower than the national average.

No doubt, having a nearby military base and strong presence of military families offers the city an unspoken and extra measure of protection.

While property crimes do tend to be higher in San Angelo, at-home security services are a great solution and deterrent.

In a poll given to several residents, the overall average feeling is that they feel “pretty safe” and that “the police are very visible and very responsive.”

The police presence in the community is a great asset that leads many residents of San Angelo to feel safe and secure.

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Community Events

A great indicator of a safe place to live includes how engaged the community is with each other.

Do they seem to avoid each other?

Are there any events that bring them together?

San Angelo excels in offering up such opportunities for its residents. They are quite the hub of culture and ongoing events.

The San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo, which takes place two weeks out of the year, has been ranked as one of the top 10 largest rodeos in the United States, offering something fantastic for everyone to enjoy.

There are always community events to attend whether through the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, the San Angelo State Park, or the countless neighborhoods in between.

These allow for residents to enjoy time with their friends and family. More importantly, they provide opportunities to meet and engage with others.

Coming together through an event only builds connection and unity. This plays in favor of the overall feeling of safety in San Angelo.

When you feel connected to the people around you, you will inherently experience a greater degree of safety and security.

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Thriving Businesses

San Angelo has a strong economic base throughout its city. The increase in healthy, thriving businesses is not only an indicator of a healthy city but a safe one as well.

San Angelo has a strong industrial park and an ever-growing manufacturing and food processing industry.

Thriving businesses in and throughout the city mean a stronger working class with a primary mix of white-collar and blue-collar jobs.

The current low unemployment rate of 3.6 percent indicates that San Angelo is providing not only job opportunities for its residents, but also offering great places to eat, play, learn and do life in the city.

Not to mention, this number is continually decreasing.

All of these factors help foster a safe and thriving environment in which to live.

However, they are also significant for families who are looking to put down roots in the San Angelo area.

As the businesses around them thrive, families will have greater access to job opportunities and more chances to connect with their neighbors.

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Cultural Amenities

Another indicator that San Angelo is a safe place to live is quickly seen in the amenities and how those are maintained throughout the city.

These cultural amenities are unique to the area and cater to their diverse citizens.

From Paintbrush Alley to their extensive networks of county parks, San Angelo has no shortage of cultural amenities that are well-maintained. You won’t find much graffiti adorning these areas or litter on the grounds of their stunning park systems.

With Fort Concho as a historic and integral part of the fabric of the city, San Angelo maintains that landmark along with its proximity to the Concho River.

Even the state park provides amazing walking trails and beautiful outdoor sights that the city takes pride in and maintains for its residents.

What San Angelo hasn’t been gifted with naturally, it has added in.

Celebrating the fact that it was nicknamed as the Wool and Mohair Capital of the World, the city placed a collection of painted fiberglass sheep all around their town.

This fun addition brings color and vibrancy to the city and even creates fun for the residents.

When a city like San Angelo values the natural amenities that it has been given and then provides its own additional elements, it is a fabulous indicator of a city that cares.

This brings an overwhelming sense of security and safety.

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Strong Neighborhoods

One final indicator of whether or not a city can be determined as safe to live in is without question the strength of its neighborhoods.

Again, San Angelo offers that comfort through its great and diverse neighborhoods. People love the area where they live and the connections it brings to the community as a whole.

With a nearby military base, there is a certain degree of comfort and safety by their presence alone.

In addition, a strong police force throughout the city has helped residents to feel safer where they live, work, and play.

Interestingly, San Angelo has a relatively low commute rate. The average commute is just 15.9 minutes long.

This indicates that their neighborhoods are in great proximity to businesses, restaurants, and activities.

People are choosing not only to live in San Angelo but to truly build a life here. There is less need to be on the road, naturally creating a safer environment within that space as well.

With good schools throughout, multiple neighborhoods to choose from, and a close proximity to businesses, you can’t help but feel safer.

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Living in San Angelo, TX is a Safe Move to Make

San Angelo is a great place to raise a family, to settle into retirement, and to enjoy and explore.

Rich in history, steeped in nature, naturally beautiful, and intentionally maintained, this city provides so much for its residents.

Among those things comes a feeling of belonging, an inclusion despite differences. Most of all, it presents a feeling of safety and security.

All indicators point to San Angelo being a safe place to live. Its low violent crime rates help to bring comfort to its residents.

This sense of comfort and security is only made stronger through its great neighborhoods and community events. The events help residents to connect with others and to build trust within the community.

The opportunities to connect are continually being made available throughout the city of San Angelo, primarily through their many thriving businesses. The state of a city’s culture and economy are vital when determining if a city is a safe place to live, and San Angelo does not disappoint.

If you want to know if San Angelo is a safe place for you to work, play, connect, and live, the simple and comforting answer is a resounding yes.

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