Buffalo Heights San Angelo, TX: Neighborhood Guide

buffalo heights san angelo tx

In this article, we are going to talk about the Buffalo Heights neighborhood in San Angelo.

There are many different neighborhoods in San Angelo that are wonderful for families and retirement.

They are scattered across the city, and each of them have their own unique flair, but I decided to tell you a little bit about Buffalo Heights because of its location and difference from any other neighborhood in town.

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The Buffalo Heights Neighborhood

Buffalo Heights was first developed in 2008 on the western side of San Angelo State Park.

It is about 10 miles from the city which means it has the perks of being close enough to san Angelo to access all the amenities it has to offer, but far enough away to experience the beauties of outdoor West Texas.

Not only will you enjoy the outdoors, the Buffalo Heights community is close knit and involved. It is a great place to meet new friends and cultivate relationships.

It has a great atmosphere for families including personable neighbors. It is peaceful and secluded from the rest of town, so you’ll be pleased with the quietness of the area.

The community offers yearly Halloween hayrides, a swap and sell Facebook page, and even neighborhood block parties. Your kids are sure to love this! They will have plenty of other children around to play with.

You will find that your neighbors love to garden, walk their dogs as Buffalo Heights is pet owner certifies, grill out, camp, and fish.

Buffalo Heights has plenty of undeveloped land. You might be satisfied to find out that it offers spacious lots from one to sixteen acres, so if you’re looking for a bigger plot to build upon, this neighborhood is a great option for you.

According to a local realtor, Benjamin Beaver, the homes are ranch style with “rock and western accents.” This matches the style of the landscape as much as it matches the style of Texas itself.

Homes are listed at a price between $175,000 – $300,000 with the average home price at $215,000 which is not bad in today’s housing market. This makes Buffalo Heights great for single families!

There is a lower violent crime rate in Buffalo Heights, but the area has been known for car burglary due to its rural location.

The best thing to do is to secure your vehicle removing valuable items and keys to protect your belongings.

There are plenty of things to do around Buffalo Heights from outdoor activities to different bars and restaurants close by.

Although for some of these you may have to drive further into town, I have outlined 9 different fun options for you to check out.

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Things to do Near Buffalo Heights

San Angelo State Park

Right next to Buffalo Heights is the San Angelo State Park. The park offers plenty of year round events such as the Crazy Desert Trail Race which is a 5k run through the 50 miles of trails throughout the park.

You can volunteer to help build trails, give guided hikes and more. If you’re a true nature lover, plan a trip to the park to see land animals, aquatic life, and go bird watching.

Texas State Longhorns and buffalo are usually nearby, and you can reserve campsites at the park’s many camping locations.

The trails include biking, hiking, and equestrian options. You can even sign up to join guided hikes which often occur weekly. Check out the park’s Facebook page to find out more.

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The KOA Holiday Campground

Not too far from Buffalo Heights is the KOA Holiday Campground which offers 10-acres of campgrounds for tent, RV, and cabin camping for the whole family.

The camp is surrounded by native Texan mesquite trees. It is about one mile from Lake Nasworthy so you can enjoy both the state park and the lake.

This KOA location includes bike rentals, a dog park, wi-fi, a playground for the kiddos, and a pool open from late spring through the fall. You can also count on a friendly and attentive staff.

Buffalo Heights is near the Sherwood Oaks Shopping Center, Sunset Mall, and is a ten minute drive to downtown San Angelo. You can enjoy the boutiques, restaurants, and the nightlife of the inner city in just a short commute.

Cielo Restaurant

Cielo is the most popular Mexican restaurant in San Angelo. It is said to be the best of its kind in town. One customer said that Cielo has “to die for” drinks and that you cannot miss the house-made Cielo dip.

Cielo is known for its quick and friendly service and they also offer catering for your neighborhood get-togethers.

Cielo is highly recommended by San Angeloans, so make sure to check it out!

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Basil is an Asian Fusion joint offering a mixture of Thai and Japanese cuisine. Locals have stated that it is a great place to unwind after work and has a wide variety of menu options serving large portion sizes.

The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable and is known for its creative presentations, personable wait staff, and amazing sushi. Make sure you order some friend rice, and if you’re a curry lover, they make it just right.

Basil is well loved by the locals as it is called one of San Angelo’s favorites.

PV Deli by Chef Jason

This place has a 4.9 rating on Facebook. It’s been labeled “the best sandwich shop in San Angelo.”

Enjoy a wide variety of original sandwich creations designed by Chef Jason. Sandwiches are invented every week, so don’t miss out!

If you’re looking for a good lunch option, PV Deli is a great choice. You will find that the staff is knowledgeable and gives some of the best customer service in town.

Not only does PV Deli offer great sandwiches, it has healthy salad and soup options.

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Angelo State University Planetarium

A little further into the east side of San Angelo is Angelo State University. On campus, there is a planetarium that is used for interactive astronomy classes.

The planetarium has a Sci-Dome HD digital projector and a large tilted dome theater capable of prjecting over 500 million stars, planets, and other celestial objects.

Throughout the school year, though, the university gives access to viewings for students of all ages, so plan to take your kids after school one day!

Morey’s Club & Sports Bar

On the eastern side of San Angelo State Park rests Morey’s Club & Sports Bar. If you live in Buffalo Heights, this is a great place to meet friends, play some billiards and watch the game.

Morey’s serves cheap drinks and has awesome bartenders, great music, and dancing.

Looking for a weekend spot? Check out Morey’s

Fiddlestrings Bar & Patio

Fiddlestrings is on the western outskirts of San Angelo.

Similar to Morey’s, Fiddlestrings has tons of TVs offering sports of all kinds year-round. If you watch UFC or other pay-per-view sports, this is the place for you!

Fiddlestrings is a lively outdoor patio space offering live music every Tuesday during the spring and summer. It is known for its concert series’ and fun nights of dancing.

The food at Fiddlestrings is fantastic. Their street tacos and burgers are some of the local favorites.

It is perfect for parties – a well loved San Angeloan hangout.

The good news is that it isn’t far from Buffalo Heights – about a five minute drive.

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