12 Reasons San Angelo, TX is a Great Place to Live

is san angelo tx a good place to live

Is San Angelo, TX a good place to live?

Imagine living in a well-preserved 1860s town that’s kept its historical prowess well preserved and expanded its cultural imprint throughout the Southwestern United States. That’s San Angelo, TX!

The medium-sized town has a whole lot to offer for travelers, locals, and prospective movers alike. It exceeds its small-town reputation with its friendly communities, familial feel, rich history, and vibrant art district.

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Below are 12 reasons why San Angelo is not just a great place to visit but also a great place to live!

1. Location

San Angelo rests in the Concho Valley in West Texas situated between the Permian Basin, the Chihuahuan Desert, the Osage Plains, and Central Texas which is a little southeast of the city. It is also only a few hours from both San Antonio and Austin.

2. Rich history

The town was founded in the 1860s by a man named Bartholomew (Bart) J. DeWitt who named San Angelo after his wife Carolina Angela.

Oscar Ruffini was the original architect of around 40 of San Angelo’s first business buildings including the county courthouse and the first general store which doubled as a saloon.

The town has kept true to its original architecture in many ways preserving many of its buildings.

Fort Concho contributed to its growth through its water supply, ranches, agriculture, and eventually the railroads.

The fort also generated quite a bit of money from the soldiers stationed there which brought traders, merchants, and other business endeavors to San Angelo. It is also one of the most well preserved forts in the US and is now a National Historical Land Mark.

Cattle ranching was introduced in 1864 then sheep ranching in 1877, and after the Santa Fe Railroad came to town in 1888 along with the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railroads in 1909, San Angelo became a central shipping center in the United States.

San Angelo is also home to Goodfellow Air Field which stations many members of the US Airforce and the famous United States $100 million strategic air command long-range radar unit.

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3. Irresistible Atmosphere

San Angelo is known for its comfortable atmosphere and busy entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a great place to start a family! And if you’re a just-graduating high-school student looking for a college, check out Angelo University.

4. Great Neighborhood Communities

These have been listed as the top three neighborhoods in San Angelo:

  1. The Bluffs is one of San Angelo’s larger neighborhoods on the westside of town and is recognized as one of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo..
  2. Santa Rita is an older San Angelo neighborhood known for its unique architecture and beautifully manicured lawns. It is situated near the Concho River and boasts golf courses, parks, and some of the city’s larger homes. Santa Rita also has the lowest violent crime rating in the whole city.
  3. College Hills is a smaller community sprinkled with college students and young families. Throughout College Hills are a number of student housing options, but the western part of the neighborhood is a great place to plant your family.

There are a total of 24 neighborhoods in San Angelo, but these are the three that stand out among the rest.

Feel free to keep looking for your forever San Angelo community if any of these options don’t ring a bell!

5. Solid Economy

San Angelo is one of the most diverse industrial bases in the state of Texas. There are over 120 manufacturing companies throughout producing items like surgical sutures and denim jeans among many others.

The income per capita of San Angelo is $26,602 compared to the US average of $31,177. Household income is $47,044 compared to US average of $57,652. The unemployment rate is 6.4.

6. Low Cost of Living

The US average rate for cost of living is 100. San Angelo’s rating is 81.6 with housing costs sitting at a rate of 60 which is one of the lower rates in the country.

7. The Locals

San Angelo folks are known to be friendly and pleasant. It’s mostly a conservative city with a population of 100,031 as of 2019. The city is a very warm and welcoming place to travelers and new community members alike.

8. Easy Traffic and Short Commutes

You’ll be pleased to know that San Angelo’s traffic is known for being pretty mild and due to the city’s smaller size, commutes to and from work or school can be relatively short.

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9. Culture

You will never find a shortage of entertainment in San Angelo. It’s known for its restaurants, outdoor activities, nightlife, and arts district.

Downtown San Angelo is crossed by the Concho River and has plenty of space for walkers and bikers to enjoy. Lake Nasworthy and the Concho are great for fishing and kayaking.

The city also has over 30 parks including San Angelo State Park which offers 7,000 acres for campers and hikers to enjoy.

Not surprising to the young energy of San Angelo is its nightlife. Check out The House of FiFi DuBois which is well known for its live performances and good food, or go to SoCo Taphouse if you enjoy knowledgeable bartenders that know their local craft beers well.

If you’re a foodie, visit the Zero One Ale House – known for its house-brewed beer on tap and wide variety of cultural cuisines, Armenta’s – one of downtown San Angelo’s well known, vibrant establishments serving Mexican, Cuban, and Texan dishes, or Silo House – a fine dining restaurant great for date nights that houses professional chefs, fine wines, and plenty of healthy, vegan options.

And last but not least, San Angelo is famous for being the Visual Arts Capital of Texas and gives access to the local museum of art, a plethora of art galleries, a monthly Art Walk, the Angelo Civic Theater, and the San Angelo Performing Arts Center.

10. Beautiful Year-Round Weather

The hottest month of the year is July with an average temperature of around 94 degrees. Other than July, the rest of the year has mild to low humidity. Really and truly, San Angelo has mostly beautiful weather year round.

11. Low Violent Crime Rates

As we previously mentioned when talking about San Angelo’s neighborhoods, the crime rate of the city is overall lower than the US average. The violent crime rate is 21.3 whereas the national average is 22.7.

12. The Rodeo

Since 1932, the rodeo has been an integral part of San Angelo’s community. Used to be a one day event, the rodeo now offers 17 days in total and includes live events, a scholarship program, and a growing staff, and it also has a massive impact on the city’s economy every year.

Some fun facts you may want to know about San Angelo:

  • It is the starting ground of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association.
  • It is home to one of the best tennis courts in the nation located at the Bentwood Country Club.
  • Matthew McConaughey’s brother owns a nearby ranch offering world-class whitetail deer hunting.
  • San Angelo is also home to one of the first Hilton Hotels visited by past President Lyndon B Johnson, Frank Sinatra, and Hank Williams.

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