11 Things to Know Before Moving to San Angelo, TX

things to know before moving to san angelo tx

If you are considering moving to San Angelo, TX, we have compiled a list of 11 things you need to know before moving to this beautiful, historic city.

1. San Angelo has Entrepreneurial Appeal

San Angelo was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the best places for entrepreneurs to live and thrive. It is rated #74 in the best small places for business and careers.

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2. It boasts a Booming Economy

San Angelo’s economic success comes from the immense industries that flourish there.

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Those industries include aerospace and defense, telecommunications, energy, oil, and gas. In the 1900s, San Angelo grew exponentially due to striking oil. It became the regional hub of the oil and gas industries.

San Angelo’s Museum of Fine Arts hosts the National Ceramic Competition every year bringing in thousands of visitors.

The city also hosts a low unemployment rate of 3.1%

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3. San Angelo houses Goodfellow Air Force Base

Built before Pearl Harbor, Goodfellow Air Force Base hosts the 17th Training Wing which trains firefighters, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance professionals.

4. San Angelo is a Great Place for College Students

San Angelo is home to both Angelo State University and a branch of Howard College.

The neighborhood College Hills is designed for college students with its many college housing options and refurbished homes for college roommates to discover one another.

The median age in San Angelo is 33 years meaning that the city is full of young families and students alike.

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5. The Cost of Living is Affordable

The cost of living in San Angelo is 5% below the national average. The median home price is $159,000 and the average household income is $72,273. The poverty rate in San Angelo is 14.31%.

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6. San Angelo has a Plethora of Outdoor Adventure Options

The Concho River’s North Fork runs from San Angelo Dam to Bell street Part which is an 8-mile stretch great for recreational use when the dam is releasing water.

You can fish, take the dog on a long walk, and picnic along the riverwalk.

On the southwest side of San Angelo is Lake Nasworthy which offers great fishing.

The fish caught most often in Lake Nasworthy are largemouth bass, white crappie, channel and flathead catfish, white bass, and sunfish.

On Memorial Day weekend, The Bosque opens.

The Bosque has many options for the whole family to choose from including mini-golf, pedal boats, sand volleyball, bocce ball, washer pitching, and giant chess. You can also visit The Grove concession stand when you need a snack or a cold drink.

One of the most attractive outdoor experiences San Angelo offers is the International Waterlily Collection which is the premier collection of waterlilies in existence.

You can also visit San Angelo State Park where you can book a bison and Texas State Longhorn tour.

There are also over 50 miles of trails throughout the park including a 2-mile dinosaur trail where you can see different kinds of fossils!

It’s a great trail to take the kids along. If you’re a camper, you’ll be pleased to know that there are ample places for you to post up your campsites within the park.

While living in San Angelo, you must visit Fort Concho which was established in 1867 as an old army post and made a National Historic Landmark.

The fort has 24 original and restored buildings. Many of them are open for browsing. There, you can visit the museum packed with history and information about the fort. There is also a gift shop that sells many locally made items.

Another site to see in San Angelo is the 15 historical murals placed throughout the city that show what west Texas frontier life was like.

These murals were painted by local San Angelo artists which brings us to the next thing you need to know about living in San Angelo.

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7. A Thriving Arts District

Angelo Civic Theatre which is the oldest community theater in the state of Texas was built in 1885 and hosts many local community performances.

The San Angelo Performing Arts Center has many different facets including a Black Box performance space, theater shops, ballet studios, and the Brooks & Bates Theatre.

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts overlooks the Concho River and displays an incredible view of the city on its rooftop sculpture terrace.

There are 3 spacious galleries to view, and once a year the museum brings in the National Ceramic Competition.

Throughout historic downtown San Angelo, you can discover many art galleries and local art installations. Check out the fiberglass sheep placed throughout the city.

These displays are referred to as Art in Uncommon Places. In City Park, you can find a vintage firetruck riddled with beautiful mosaic tiles.

In Concho Community Park look for the interesting, colorful sculptures dubbed “Dick and Jane,” and in Red Arroyo Park, you can walk along the pathways lit up in the evening by solar-charged glow stones.

Feel free to check out First Saturday at the Chicken Farm Art Center. No, you won’t find any chickens running around, but you will be pleased by live music, kid’s activities, and great food catered by the local restaurant Silo House.

You can bet on free admission to view the different local artwork set up inside the renovated farm buildings.

Paintbrush Alley is a regular spot for many locals. It is an alley located in downtown San Angelo. The project was facilitated by the Downtown San Angelo, Inc. and Art in Uncommon Places. There are over 50 artists displayed here.

Another cool place to visit especially for the younger folks living in San Angelo is the Pop Art museum which shows 31 pieces of local art in what used to be an old bowling alley.

The movement surfaced during the 1950s and includes scenes emanating from popular culture and consumerism.

If you are feeling like relaxing in a beautiful outdoor place filled with lovely art displays, go have a picnic at Sunken Garden Park.

Here you will find sculptures scattered around that are part of the Richard and Pam Salmon Sculpture Competition.

Last but not least in the art department, you can look forward every month to the Art Walk. Meander around this weekend art festival and check out different local and regional artworks.

You may even find something that catches your eye that you must have displayed in your home!

8. One of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation

The city has a 3.59 violent crime rating versus the national average of 5.0.

Some of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo to live in are Southland, College Hills, and the Bluffs.

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9. San Angelo is 1-3 hours Away from Major Cities

One thing to know if you plan to live in San Angelo is that it’ll be a bit of a drive to any of the other major surrounding cities.

San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Lubbock are all around 1-3 hours from town. It may feel as though San Angelo is far away from any big city life but may add to the allure of the small-town feel.

The good news is that San Angelo keeps growing because of its many industries and the surge of younger people that are moving there.

10. Traffic Issues

You can count on pretty bad drivers on the roads of San Angelo. You may need to drive more defensively both inside the city and on the major highways.

This may be due to the many college students in the area or just careless and distracted driving.

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11. Lack of Shopping Options

San Angelo does not offer many shopping options. Sunset Mall has a few stores like American Eagle, Bath & Body Works, Clair’s, Conn’s, Dillard’s, and Foot Locker, but you won’t find any upper-scale shops.

There are also basic stores throughout town like Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, and several more. Downtown San Angelo does have a few local shops and boutiques to browse.

Interesting Facts about San Angelo:

It is often referred to as “The River City” due to the North and South Forks of the Concho River intersecting within.

The river flows 24 miles through Tom Green County (the county in which San Angelo resides) and then winds 29 miles through Concho County where it meets the Colorado River 12 miles northeast of Paint Rock (a town at the northern part of Concho County).

Once the Santa Fe, Kansas City-Mexico, and Orient Railroads were built, San Angelo became a hub for transportation and the oil and gas industry.

Harry Washburn, a citizen of San Angelo was convicted of murder, and his case was the first televised court proceeding in the nation.

San Angelo is the birthplace of at least 8 MLB players. One of these is David Hulse who would later play for the Texas Rangers. A few others are Corey Aldrige, Steve Kemp, and Greg Maddux.

San Angelo is also the home of the voice of “Bambi.” Donnie Dunnegan who is now 83, voiced the character Bambi in Disney’s 1942 film at the age of 6.

No one knew about this for many years because Disney did not like to reveal the names of the actors behind many of its characters including Mickey Mouse and others.

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