10 Safest Neighborhoods in San Angelo, TX

safest neighborhoods in san angelo tx

Are you looking to move to San Angelo?

You might be wondering which neighborhoods are the safest in San Angelo, especially if you have a family.

In this article, I will discuss some of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo, so that you and your family know what to expect before moving to this beautiful town.

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Quick Facts about San Angelo

First, let’s discuss some basic facts.

The population of San Angelo is around 100,000, and there are a total of 24 neighborhoods within city borders.

According to BestPlaces.net, the violent crime rate in San Angelo is 21.3 whereas the US average based on a 1-100 scale is 22.7, and the property crime rate is 58.9 compared to 35.4 as the US national average.

The good news is that BetterPlaces.net says that the cost of living in San Angelo (based on an index of 1-100 – below 100 being cheaper than the national average and above being more expensive) is overall 81.6. The cost of living in terms of housing is 60.

The median home cost within San Angelo is $157,000. The median rent cost for a studio apartment in the city is $619. A one-bedroom costs $742, a two-bedroom is $931, a three-bedroom is $1,234, and a four-bedroom is $1,530.

Niche.com says that 64% of San Angeloans feel safe living in San Angelo and 53% report that the police respond fairly quickly to any calls and remain active throughout the city.

San Angeloans have stated that the southwest part of the city is safest and has the best school system in town, but it is also a fact that this part of town may be more expensive to live in than other parts of San Angelo.

Now that you’ve learned some good information, I am going to map out 10 of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo.

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Safest Neighborhoods in San Angelo, TX


An exception to my comment about the northern neighborhoods of San Angelo being less safe than others, PaulAnn is a great place to raise a family.

It is home to Howard College and Ethicon – a branch of Johnson & Johnson that manufactures surgical sutures.

This means that PaulAnn has potential for great job opportunities. It is a quiet neighborhood with friendly neighbors. Residents say that it is a safe place to walk alone at night which is great if you’re a night runner.

Holiman Elementary school is the parent-favorite among other options.

One parent reports that Lee Middle School is the best place to send your preteens because there is less bullying than the other options available, and if you choose this neighborhood, you are going to be close to both Central High and Lakeview High.

Central High School is a great place to send kids with learning disabilities. The school contains its own learning disability department and has assistant teachers in most of its classes.


Southland is a suburban, semi-rural neighborhood near Lake Nasworthy. It has the lowest crime rate in the city. The homes in Southland are more expensive listing at a median price of $275,000.

There is not much commercial activity in the area, but it is clean and well-kept, and it is easy to walk to area restaurants and grocery stores.

Plan on spotting plenty of wildlife in Southland, and you’ll be pleased to know that resident pet owners are quite pleased with this neighborhood due to the local Meadow Creek Park.

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The Bluffs

The Bluffs is located in the western part of San Angelo and reportedly has the lowest crime rate in the city whereas property crime is just about the same rate.

This is why I added it to the list as one of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo. The Bluffs is a larger neighborhood with homes listed at a median price of $259,000.

There are access points into San Angelo State Park as well as plenty of commercial activity. You can find decent schools in the area like Bonham Elementary, Lee Middle School, and Central High School which serves most neighborhoods in San Angelo.

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Lake View

Although Lake View may not be the safest part of town to walk or run at night as there are not a lot of sidewalks around, you will find friendly neighborhoods and a fun area to raise your kids.

Lake View is home to the San Angelo Coliseum where the rodeo is held every year. Lake View is zoned for Goliad Elementary School, Lincoln Middle, and Lake View High.

If you’re looking for something fun to do on Friday nights with the family, try attending a Lake View High football game!

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Bonham is a great neighborhood for single families and apartment living. It is more concentrated than other neighborhoods in San Angelo and is close to many of San Angelo’s major retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Lowe’s.

Bonham is zoned for Bonham and Lamar Elementary School. Parents have stated that Lamar has some of the best teachers and staff in the district. Bonham is also zoned for Glenn and Lee Middle, and Central High.

This is one of the best neighborhoods for dog owners. It is safe to walk at night and has easy parking as most houses have private drives and garages. It is a quiet area with a great community of neighbors.

You can see why I added Bonham to my list of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo.

College Hills

This neighborhood serves as a student housing zone due to Angelo State University’s presence in the area.

Don’t worry, though. If you’re looking for a good place to plant your family, this is also a great neighborhood to check out.

The further into College Hills you go, the more families you will find. This is a fine place to raise your kids.

Crime rates, in general, are lower in College Hills than in the rest of the city which is also why I chose this one as one of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo.

The median listing price for homes in College Hills is $189,000. Crockett Elementary, which is a smaller elementary school than the rest of the schools in the city, is where your little ones will attend before transferring to Glenn Middle and then on to Central High.

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Belaire is a family-friendly, well-maintained, peaceful neighborhood. Housing prices range anywhere from $27,000-$158,000 according to Trulia, so this is one of the least inexpensive areas to buy a house or an apartment.

The area is quiet, and the residents are active in the community and enjoy grilling out and gardening, so you will see your neighbors often.

Due to its family-friendliness, I added Belaire to my list of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo.


This neighborhood is great for retiring families. The Nasworthy neighborhood surrounds Lake Nasworthy, so if you enjoy sitting out on your porch looking out over the lake, you will love this area.

You can enjoy many outdoor activities like biking, camping, fishing, and community events like drag boat racing and the yearly 4th of July fireworks show.

Due to its location, Nasworthy is one of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo as well.

The schools in the area are Lamar and Wall Elementary, Glenn and Wall Middle, and Central and Wall High.

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Fort Concho

I had to mention Fort Concho because of the significance of the area.

The Fort Concho community is situated on the Fort Concho National Historic Landmark which was established in 1867 as an Army Post to protect the early settlers of San Angelo from oncoming attacks.

There are lower rental and housing prices in Fort Concho, and the schools are excellent. Fort Concho Elementary, a magnet school for highly gifted children, has an A- rating from Niche.com.

Fort Concho is also zoned for Glenn and Lee Middle and Central High. Locals have also reported that Fort Concho is one of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo, so don’t just take my word for it.


Last but not least, Glenmore has made it onto my list of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo because the residents have announced that it is a really good area for your kids to play outside.

Glenmore also has a fun and close-knit community and is known for being a more industrial area than most of San Angelo.

You’ve heard me mention Lamar Elementary in some of my other choices. Lamar has been rated with five stars by moms and dads per Trulia saying that their kids have excelled there and love going to school every day.

You also have the choice of sending them to Glenmore Elementary which is rated a B+ on Niche.com. Glenmore is zoned for Glenn Middle.

GreatSchools.org says that Glenn Middle contains some of the highest TAKS scores in Texas.

You may also choose Wall Middle which has reports of some of the strongest academic skills in the city with test scores soaring at a 10/10.

These places do not exhaust the list of the safest neighborhoods in San Angelo, but they are some of the best ones that I hand-picked for your interests.

Feel free to do some exploring of your own before moving to these neighborhoods. There is so much out there to discover!

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List of Safest Neighborhoods in San Angelo, TX

  • Paul Ann
  • Southland
  • The Bluffs
  • Lakeview
  • Bonham
  • College Hills
  • Belaire
  • Nasworthy
  • Fort Concho
  • Glenmore

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